Enjoy a river cruise in Melbourne

River Cruise in MelbourneRiver cruises are a highly versatile activity which is very popular in Melbourne. From a romantic date with a loved one or gathering with friends or a Christmas party, boat cruises are always a great option. River Cruise Melbourne is a provider of a picturesque journey through familiar sights and attractions. It helps to explore the city of Melbourne from a unique perspective. It also offers a range of specialised river cruises to fulfil various other needs in Melbourne.

Everyone loves to party, but going to the same old venue can sometimes get boring. River cruises provides a fun, refreshing alternative with the best cruises. It is available for every occasion; from birthday celebrations and workplace Christmas parties to engagement parties and lots more.

There are quite a few boating operators in Melbourne. Among them, there is DreamScape Tours. They offer an exciting range of function and sightseeing cruises for both the tourists and the natives. It offers sightseeing cruises across the city as well as through the Docklands and to Williamstown. It helps one enjoy the scenic delights of the Yarra River and the city views. They are also known to provide the newest, largest and most luxurious cruise boats on the Yarra River, with an extensive range of on-board facilities and services.

The river boat cruises offer stunning views and scenery of the city of Melbourne. All the cruises on Yarra River provide the utmost comfort and excitement. These are the fully equipped party boats which offer spectacular and overwhelming views. It is a unique way to travel the beautiful waterways in style in Melbourne. It also gives options to select from a wide range of Yarra River cruises to suit the individual taste.

There is no other better way to celebrate the end of year Christmas party than a river boat cruise with Dreamscape Tours and Events. It has hosted boat cruise functions for a wide range of companies and organisations in Melbourne. It departs from Central Pier Docklands, travels through the Bolte and Westgate Bridge to Williamstown. It offers fantastic food with different varieties in menu to choose from. It offers quality and substantial handmade food too. It serves food continuously all night long to help the clients to best enjoy the cruise boat ride. Also, they guarantees that nobody leaves the Melbourne cruise boat functions hungry.

The highlights of boat cruise in Melbourne are as follows –

  • Serves for any event
  • Packages are available for group of 5 to about 330 people
  • Packages start from $60 per person
  • Many boats to choose from
  • Fantastic food and drink packages
  • Equipped with dance floors
  • Free Comedy tickets for each rider
  • Several entertainment options are offered.

Thus, for an awesome experience, high quality service, good food and lovely atmosphere, there is no other substitute of taking an exceptional ride in the river boat cruises of Melbourne. The cruise boat ride on the Yarra River is one of the greatest attractions in Melbourne. It allows one to see a lot in a short time period, especially for the visitors in Melbourne.

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